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Mexico, model to follow in electronic invoicing

Mexico, Oct. 16 (Notimex).- Mexico is a model to follow in electronic invoicing and leader in Latin America, because it represents a success in collection, in addition it allows Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to obtain resources based on their accounts to charge.

The general director of the firm DiSí, Claudio Andres Kandel, commented that having a digital government and that there is a digital collection system is "of very high relevance" for the country.

"It is very important to highlight the relevance of the development and reach of digital government and electronic invoicing, because we live in a country where tax evasion is a very deep issue, including cultural," he said at a press conference.

He commented that although electronic invoicing does not solve tax evasion, because there are issues of culture and incentives that are needed to solve this problem, if it contributes to generate value.

"The issue of electronic invoicing is important because through automated controls or using Artificial Intelligence it becomes more efficient if you have an army reviewing paper invoices. A digital government and a digital collection system is a topic of high relevance, "he reiterated.

The executive stressed that thanks to the development of the electronic invoice, DiSí was born, a financial entity that provides financing to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based on their accounts receivable.

He explained that a supplier can generate invoices but receive income in 30, 60 or 120 days, which is precisely the accounts receivable, however, if you require money before you can go to the DiSí platform and obtain financing for the amount of your invoice, with the term in which you expect to receive your money.

He explained that this multi-purpose financial company (Sofom, for its acronym in Spanish), which has served one thousand clients so far, offers financing of 1.3 million pesos, with rates ranging from 2.3 to 4.5 percent of the total value of the bill for every 30 days of financing. So far it has granted credit for two thousand 500 million pesos in invoices.

In this way, he added, seeks to respond to Small and Medium Enterprises that need resources but do not have access to other sources of financing.

"I would love, if possible, in the next five years to incorporate 50 thousand small and medium enterprises," which can be granted financing for up to five million pesos per company, he said.

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